• NEW RMT R-SMART 10-1811


    New 10' x  1" - 1.375"  Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Roll *Standard * PLC Control Unit * Cone Bending System * Polished Rolls * Induction Hardened rolls (HRc 56+-4) * Rectilinear guide system * Machine body Constructed of Stress-relieved Steel -  Highly durable carbon steel rolls machined by CNC lathes with optimal crown ( Special crown upon request) * Rolls seated in spherical bearings * Hydraulic tiltable top roll and bracket (drop end) with easy pull out system * Bottom and side rolls electronically synchronized with PLC and high-end precision linear encoders * Bottom and Top rolls driven with hydraulic motor and planetary gear box *  Automatic rolls peripheral speed compensation (optimum distribution of torque) Adjustable hydraulic pressure on bottom roll (crowning compensation) * Emergency stop wire around the machine * Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads * World standard electrical and hydraulic components * Welding possibility on the machine with responsible process *  CE Norms

    Includes NC control system

    Overhead support 

    Side supports 

    Both Side Rolls Driven