Revolution Machine Tools (RMT), founded by long time industry leader Kyle Jorgenson, is a metal fabrication machine tools company. RMT’s design team has created the most innovative and precise tools in the North American market today. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to build our designs to our stringent specifications in state of the art manufacturing facilities. Kyle Jorgenson started in the Machine Tool industry working with his father, Roger Jorgenson, who founded Jorgenson Machine Tools in 1974. Roger taught Kyle how important relationships and customer service are and Kyle has built his reputation on those principles. RMT is supported by an ever expanding team of industry professionals, which include design, marketing, service and support, who have these same values and respect Kyle’s vision. Together, they are creating a Revolution in the Machine Tool industry.

With the fabulous growth and popularity of RMT machinery in the United States, we started receiving many requests from customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We are proud to have partnered with Anerka as our International arm of RMT and the only authorized dealer for RMT products outside of the United States. Anerka is led by trusted industry professionals who are dedicated to helping customers get the machinery they need to help their company grow and become more successful. With RMT and Anerka, customer service is number one!
The RMT KYSON fiber lasers are the most innovative lasers on the market. Fiber Lasers will outlast, out-cut, and outperform common CO2 lasers. Plus, Fiber Lasers have only minimal maintenance needs and the cost to operate is significantly less than that of a comparable CO2 laser as well as waterjets and plasma cutting systems. As fiber laser technology continues to improve, most companies are hesitant to incorporate all the latest breakthroughs, mostly because they want to sell as many units of the older technology as they can to maximize their profits. RMT looks at things differently. We are always looking to make upgrades and improvements on our designs so our customers can know they have the best technology on the market. We feel that great customer service, top of the line machinery, and being honest with our customers is our path to success. RMT offers many other innovative machines as well, including Press Brakes, Plate Rolls, Ironworkers, Angle Rolls, Structural Steel Drills, Shears, Band Saws and much more. All RMT product designs are built for durability, precision, repeatability, and speed.